Knowledge Panel Member Login

Knowledge Panel Member Login – How to Do It

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Knowledge Panel Member Login

This login is for members of Knowledge Panel®. If neither of the pictures look familiar or your login information doesn’t work, please contact Knowledge Panel® on their official site.

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If the picture below looks familiar, click the link above to log into the site.

knowledge panel member login

About Knowledge Panel®

KnowledgePanel, now part of GfK Custom Research North America, was created by two Stanford University professors in 1999. GfK randomly selects only a few addresses each year to receive an invitation to join KnowledgePanel, a group that takes part in national polls and surveys. You can earn cash payments and other rewards for being on their panel and giving them your opinions on various topics.

This research is done for television networks, news organizations, well-known companies, universities and others like AARP* and Consumer Reports**. Their panel helps them track national trends in the economy, politics, entertainment, sports and new products.

There are NO membership fees, nothing to buy, no costs to you at any time. Each member of your household that joins KnowledgePanel can also earn cash and rewards.