NWI net Login

NWI net Login – How to Do It

Are you looking for information on the NWI net Login? If so, you have come to the right place.

NWI net Login

This login is for LocalTel customers. If neither of the pictures look familiar or your login information doesn’t work, please contact LocalTel on their official site.

Information Needed

URL: https://my.localtel.net/

If the picture below looks familiar, click the link above to log into the site.

nwi net login

About LocalTel Communications

Serving the Columbia Basin Since 1982

LocalTel has been locally owned and serving homes and businesses in the Columbia Basin since 1982. Over the years, LocalTel has grown from 7 employees to over 100. Originally starting as a ComputerLand franchise, the owners of LocalTel have been keeping up with the latest in telecommunications and technology and now offer:

  • Traditional Land-Line Telephone Service
  • FiberTalk VoIP Telephone Lines and Systems
  • High Speed Fiber Internet
  • SkyFi – State-Of-The-Art Wireless Internet
  • Television Service Including HDTV and DVR
  • Cloud Data Storage and Backup Services
  • Guardian Security Services for Home and Business
  • LocalTel is pleased to offer these services at great everyday low prices. No gimmicks, just great low prices, backed by award winning local service and support. LocalTel’s dedicated, well trained local employees are eager to serve you.