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America Learns Login

This login is for America Learns users. If neither of the pictures look familiar or your login information doesn’t work, please contact America Learns on their official site.

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If the picture below looks familiar, click the link above to log into the site.

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About America Learns

Our Truth

Social impact organizations become more effective, more powerful, and more influential when they have simpler, smarter tools to measure, monitor, and improve service delivery.

Our Obsession

We make the process of collecting, tracking, organizing, and reporting data a non-issue, and we’re obsessed with helping you use that information to share and advance your program’s impact.

Our Roots

Our work reaches back to the 1990s, when our founder was volunteering as a tutor and mentor with a small nonprofit — an organization that didn’t always have the capacity to track impact, use data, or provide timely support to its volunteers. As a result, the children being served weren’t receiving quality services.

So we began our work with a focus on tutoring and mentoring programs, making sure that those programs gain the capacity to collect and use their most important information so that the children they’re serving truly thrive.

Our Now

In 2007, we began expanding our practices to include adult education, disaster relief, nutrition, conservation, veterans services, grantmaking impact, and other areas. To date, we’ve been fortunate to serve organizations operating in 47 U.S. states and 19 other countries.